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Process / SHI TWO
"Time travel" with time, with you, SHI TWO watch!
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boutique design, high-end custom

a case you need

When you need us, we will track the first time to communicate with your hand, depending on your requirements can watch the selected literal, bottom, table wear you need printed LOGO, specify meaningful text and accompanied by fine gift box. Also be based on the idea that we offer for your project planning program.

two think you worry

We will be based on the purpose of your event involved in personnel, time, number of orders, watch requires a combination of factors to consider providing the same quality you watch the most reasonable price. The most unique proprietary models.

three solutions you worry

We have supervised the production, in accordance with the your prescribed time quality, quantity contract to complete the order, in addition, we will have regular customer visits, provide one-year free warranty service and lifetime maintenance services.

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