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Brand concept / SHI TWO
"Time travel" with time, with you, SHI TWO watch!
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Brand Story
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Brand concept

"when passers" elite watches designed for the city of gold, white-collar and design, a perfect blend of excellent business spirit and humanity of the heroic temperament, smooth lines bring out the power and beauty of stainless steel, "the way" watch with Swiss watch technology to create each one really fine watch, really set off a treat boutique seriously treat the details of the harsh, treat every one watches meticulous.

brand concept:
watch boutique design focused, professional custom watch boutique .
"when the way" designed to improve quality equipment for us.
"when the way" designed to improve the quality of excellence was born.
"when passers" Mission: Leading boutique fashion, spreading health quality.

brand positioning :
boutique design, high-end customization.

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