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Company Profile / SHI TWO
"Time travel" with time, with you, SHI TWO watch!
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Company Profile
Brand concept
Shenzhen JuYuanDe Technology Company was founded in 2012, although the newly created company, but gather a group of twenty years in the watch industry, the strength of various talents. Are the earliest establishment of specialized watchmaking company backbone. With market development, product development, process improvement, quality control, supply system management capabilities. Its production of SHI TWO Watch, and anti-electromagnetic radiation practical new technology to obtain national patents. To the unique minimalist style and content wise to attract the attention of consumers in the market, is the gift industry popular Chinese brand-name products.

early creation, processing trade companies to adopt binding mode. up factories in Shenzhen introduction Switzerland, Taiwan Case equipment and processing technology, with advanced technology to produce high-grade case, and in the country's first special-shaped 500 m depth waterproof case, a case of domestic high-grade production of leading enterprises. Founded early, JuYuanDe began to manufacture table, into the SHI TWO Watch brand building new mileage.

JuYuanDe always adhere to the quality and characteristics, to ensure quality of innovation as the fundamental, the Swiss watch-class quality technology regarded as creed, advocacy skills innovation, pursuit of excellence, and strive to perfect the watchmaking philosophy to the international advanced manufacturing technology and exquisite Swiss watchmaking technology to create the most precise and reliable timepieces are SHI TWO Watch relentless pursuit.

From its inception, development and design of a 30 variety of watches, of which more than the national utility model and design patents.

JuYuanDe, with quality branding, with services to extend the brand, ready to provide consumers with a convenient channel and custom tables caring service.

With personalized design, excellent quality, excellent performance, SHI TWO Watch in the market has a good brand awareness, reputation and loyalty. In the custom table side, JuYuanDe also made outstanding achievements, become the premium brand car boutique choice, is that people in important anniversary festival or preferred share.

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